Media influence on development funding.

Examining the influence of the media on the level of aid following humanitarian crises.

At the Development Data Challenge in London, a group of developers, journalists, social entrepreneurs and international development experts set themselves the challenge of tracking the influence of media coverage on the amount of funding following natural disasters. We selected five major natural disasters from the last ten years; the Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004), the Haiti Earthquake (2010), the Pakistan Floods (2010) the Japan Earthquake (2011) and the East Africa Drought (2011). Using trusted databases and official reports from NGOs, we sourced the number of people affected by each disaster, as well as the amount of funds given by governments, private organisations, NGOs and the public. Finally, we connected to the YouTube API and used a filter to find television media coverage from reputable new organisations such as CNN, Al Jazeera and Reuters.

Relative media and aid funding per crisis.

Built as part of Development Data Challenge London August 25th 2012


Youtube channels used to gage media impact.

ABCNews, AlArabiya, AlJazeeraEnglish, AssociatedPress, BBCWorldwide, CBSNewsOnline, Channel4News, Euronews, FoxNewsChannel, HuffingtonPost, LeMonde, RussiaToday, TheGuardian, WSJDigitalNetwork, WashingtonPost, afp, aljazeerachannel, bbc, bloomberg, cbsnewsonline, channelnewsasia, cnn, elpaiscom, france24, itnnews, reutersvideo, russiatoday, skynews, spiegeltv, telegraphtv, thenewyorktimes

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